The Portable Sign Advantage


In business why do they say location, location, location first, then process etc, etc...


In advertising we ask, how can I affordably get my message out to customer who need my product and get the most bang out for my buck?





As an owner of a  Mobile Sign Company I see customers advertising weekly in the Newspaper, Weekly Flyers, Radio, TV etc... each one of those advertising venues are ridiculously overpriced for what you get. ($40-$160 for a 30 sec radio Ad, $300 + for a 1/4 page in flyer magazine)  


For only $145/month for a Portable Sign in front of your location.  The location you pay dearly for the traffic driving by.  The Portable Sign ad is seen everyday for a month, not a 1 day advertiser or a 30 sec commercial.  Mobile signs are the affordable way to brand your business as much as you may hate them you still read them.



Why a portable Sign from Accono Portable Sign Rentals???


  • We are one of the few London Portable Signs companies that are still using Bright Florecent letter

  • We recondition our signs yearly.

  • We have great customer service with normally next day message changes

  • We have Black Portable Signs and Poster Mobile Signs

  • We have the largest Poster Mobile Signs in London - 64" x 120"

  • We almost always answer our phone calls

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

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